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Hello, my name is Alison Thompson.  I have lived in Lacombe and worked for Ponoka Travel since 2005.

My passion is to travel, share travel and help people arrange travel.
I have been all over this beautiful world and have friends and connections in many other countries that can help me plan an amazing experience for my customers.
I started serious travelling at the age of 15 with trips to Hawaii and a summer in France.  Since then I have traveled to: Ireland, England, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, China Singapore, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, India, Mexico, Cuba, Disneyland, Jamaica, Caribbean Islands, and many many places.
I travel to relax, learn about different cultures, experience sounds, sights and smells of a destination.  I often take a group along to share my favorite places.
In 2000 I started my travel selling career by entering the Travel Counselor program at Medicine Hat College.  In 2004 I graduated from the program with honors and have never looked back.
As this business changes daily, I continue to update and upgrade my training with courses offered by cruise lines, tour operators, destinations and hotel chains as well as travelling to destinations that are new to me and returning to old favorites.
What I love most about working in travel is sharing the joy of planning and executing a fabulous vacation with a client.  I love the relationships I have built with clients and suppliers over the years.  My clients are far more than just a 'booking' to me.
Please five me a call so that we can begin a journey of adventure in planning the 'trip of a lifetime', a flight to Calgary or anything in between.
Hello, my name is Laura Malyk.  I live in the County of Lacombe and have worked for Ponoka Travel since 2014.

I graduated from Ponoka Composite High School and enjoyed many sports all through my school years.  

My passion though is horses.  My involvement in horses has allowed me to travel to many beautiful places and see many great sights.  I was fortunate to travel to South Africa in 2016 with my daughter who competed in a riding competition.  We spent 2 weeks travelling around South Africa and had a layover in London where we were able to see all the highlights.

I enjoy the attention to detail and the technicality of booking the many travel arrangements for my clients.  I am always updating and upgrading my training which includes completing my Australia Specialist Agent training, Disney Destination Specialist training, and my Hawaii Destination Expert training.  I enjoy sharing in the excitement with my clients as we plan their wonderful getaways.

Please give me a call, I would love to help in making your travel arrangements for either business or leisure and making it everything you would love for it to be.